Class Schedule

With classes offered daily, Swan Lake Ballet Studio, LLC, Ganna Ensemble, has an option that can fit all schedules.  For more information, please see our Class Descriptions.  Free sample class available.

Youth Ballet & Jazz

Mondays          6:30pm to 7:15pm
Wednesdays     6:45pm to 7:30pm
Saturdays        1:30pm to 2:15pm
Saturdays        2:15pm to 2:45pm
Sundays           4:45pm to 5:30pm
Sundays           4:15pm to 4:45pm

*Mondays (Ages 5 - 8) 
*Wednesdays (Ages 7-9)
*Saturdays (Ages 12-15)
*Saturdays (Ages 3-4)
*Sundays (Ages 7-9)
*Sundays (Ages 3-4)


Ganna Ensemble - Adult Dance

Saturdays       11:00pm to 12:00pm
Saturdays       12:00pm to 1:00pm
Thursdays        6:30pm to 7:30pm


Dance classes are offered 7 days a week.  Please call us at 715-559-2018 or use our Join Us form for more information.