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Class Schedule

With classes offered daily, Swan Lake Ballet Studio, LLC, Ganna Ensemble, has an option that can fit all schedules.  For more information, please see our Class Descriptions.  Free sample class available.

Youth Ballet & Jazz

Tuesdays          6:30pm to 7:15pm (Ages 7-9)
     *ballet class with folk, jazz dances, and tap

Wednesdays     6:45pm to 7:30pm (Ages 5-8)

      *ballet class with tap


5-8 Year Old Class

One of the goals for the students is to remember a combination of moves and showcase it without an instructor. The use of color has been shown to be extremely effective for memorization! Therefore, each class will be structured around a color.

We will be using props like scarfs and tambourines enhance the experience and have some fun!

Dance moves taught include polka jumps, arabesque, leaps, and turns. A variety of music choices will be used, including Trepak from The Nutcracker, Aquarium and Fossils from Saint Saen’s Carnival of the Animals, and the Frozen soundtrack.
We will be using a wide variety of dance games that the kids LOVE! These include freeze dance, emoji dance, popcorn dance, and create your own hula.

Dance classes are offered 7 days a week.  Please call us at 715-559-2018 or use our Join Us form for more information.

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